Friday, February 20, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's the matter, Sister?  Not enough jobs for insurgents these days?  Much of the free world beginning to doubt your country's power and authority?  Single digit temps got you down?  Kvetch, people, get it off your chests!

Weighed in at 181, down two pounds from last Friday, 17.8 lbs down from diet start.  We are coming up on the two month point of the diet, with the goal remaining 159.9, or "150's by 50".  To think that there are still 21.1 lbs to go (not halfway yet) is a little daunting, but the fact that nearly half the weight is gone is encouraging.


JB said...

Where's Tigerhawk these days? I notice Tigerhawk is not listed as "MIA" or "semi-retired" as some others. Just curious . . .

"The Hammer" said...

Well, the internet is now completely regulated by the federal government. After proposing much less invasive rules a few months ago Obama let it be known to the INDEPENDENT FCC board what sort of rules he would like to see. So being good Democrats sitting on an INDEPENDENT board they decided to go all in. Plus, just so we know who's boss, they didn't make the proposals public until AFTER it was adopted by a 3-2 vote along party lines.
The justification is that big business could, potentially, just might, you never know but they could maybe use their internet infrastructure in a way that was "unfair". The unfair part isn't easily definable as they, the ISPs have never discriminated, targeted or invaded anyone's privacy by tracking them, reading their emails, slowing traffic etc. But hey, it's possible so time for a little common sense regulation.
Now, if you believe government is our protector and benefactor then you are crapping in high cotton. It really doesn't make any difference that government is regulating against a problem that doesn't exist, and has never existed. The internet has gone far too long without government oversight. The Chinese do it and it's time we get on board with "modern" government. Again if this is your attitude then you are tickled pink.
But if you think taking power from companies that are regulated by market forces by people who pay for the right to regulate with their cold hard cash, and putting critical communication infrastructure into the hands of government bureaucrats who have throughly demonstrated they cannot be trusted, then you need to wear a muzzle because you are bat-shit crazy!
The FCC Chair said they weren't going to enforce these regs immediately but they were in place if ever needed. This is Obama's typical MO. Create some regulation or law, put off implementation until the politics is right. I think this is much the same as bringing your artillery up. The Democrats are getting their pieces set as quietly as possible and when the time is right they will strike. I can't think of anything more important than communication, and Obama's FCC just grabbed the throttle. They can cut the flow to any level they like when they like.
This is POTENTIALLY the worst thing Obama has done! Healthcare is one thing, but if you control a country's communication you control that country. We should be marching in the streets!

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