Monday, February 9, 2015

One Week Later

So I'm one week into recovery, and things are going really well.  I put the walker aside on Saturday for most of the day and then didn't use it at all yesterday.  I think we're past that stage.  Did four rounds of self-guided PT over the weekend at home and one at the PT office today--range of motion is slowly returning, but there is still a lot of weakness and uncertainty in certain axial movements.

The dressing I was patched up with last Monday came off today, and the Kitten was a trooper in pulling off changing it.  She's been a trooper at everything, and I am very lucky to have her.  the scar is somewhat smaller than the right leg, but not by much.  It has an angry look to it, and there is still a good bit of swelling in the leg.  Between the swelling, my under-performance in matters a la toilette, and the weight of the new joint, I have put on 2.5 lbs since going in for surgery.  Never fear, all part of the plan.

Today marks the first day "back at work", in that I really just ignored everything last week.  Most of what I have to do involves marking papers and getting back up to speed in my teaching job.  The rest of the stuff is more manageable.

I've watched a number of interesting things on TV....I need to recommend the Netflix miniseries "Marco Polo", the French movies "Haute Cuisine" and "Le Chef", and of course, any UVA basketball win.  Our primo star player has gone down with a finger injury, and he will be out for 4-6 weeks...we head down to Hammer's NC State Wolfpack this for our next game, and it will be interesting to see how we react.

Brother Sean had a tough week....his brother-in-law died, someone he had become close with...leaving a little girl who will surely miss her Daddy.  Much love to that family, and to brother Sean.

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