Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Ruling Party

There's been talk of another "looming government shutdown" as the press likes to describe it. This is newspeak for "just try it asshole, we'll crucify you!". The words themselves evoke a paralyzing fear in our sissified Republican leadership like none other. Thermonuclear holocaust, the AIDS "crisis", 9/11, opening up the Congressional swimming pool to women (by God a man SHOULD be allowed to swim naked with his friends!!!!) or curtailing the House bank where members once could kite checks 'till eternity never cause the anxiety that doing their damned Constitutionally mandated duties elicits in our brave cadre of conservatives.
So, let's look at the history a second. Since Reagan there have been nine government shutdowns; six under Reagan, one with GHWB, one with Clinton, one BHO. Do I need to even mention who got "blamed" each and every time? By blamed I mean who the news media blamed naturally. Of course not, you already know, and so does McConnell and Boehner. But did they really cost anything in terms of who and who didn't win an election. No they didn't, and history proves it. They were basically just media temper tantrums and nothing more.
So if I understand the situation correctly, Boehner has given away all his leverage by agreeing to a budget deal during a lame duck session of Congress, giving the Democrats each and everything they wanted and locked it all in for two years even though there hasn't been a real budget passed since before Harry Reid reared his ugly head. McConnell and Boehner have publicly stated that a shutdown is off the table. They are now bitching about how they just don't have the votes? Well a super-majority never stopped Harry Reid and for these guys to complain when they've given away the farm for dick, well I can conclude only one thing.
You see the problem is not this political party or that, the problem is with our elites. I'm referring to the money boys who control our button-down, mealy mouthed leaders. The Chamber of Commerce etc. loves Obama. Oh they may disagree on some policy issues here and there, but say what you will about the guy, he's put more money in their pockets than GWB ever did...AND HE WAS ONE OF THEM! From immigration to Obamacare the Republican Party establishment is closer to the Democrat position than to Ted Cruz or Mike Lee. THOSE guys are the REAL enemy, and EVERYONE agrees on that.
This is all a charade. Real policy in this administration and in the Boehner/McConnell controlled Congress is done behind closed doors, under the control and for the benefit of the rich and powerful. What we're witnessing is a political version of professional wrestling, a grand manipulation of two sides when there's really only one. Boehner and McConnell can break promises with impunity and lie as much as they like, it doesn't mean a thing. We only have one political party now, the ruling party.

AMENDMENT: Some have suggested our leaders have done all they can do, I disagree strongly! Where in the Constitution does it say Obamacare can be voted law by a simple majority but the repeal of Obamacare must have a super-majority? Senate tradition be damned! When Harry Reid couldn't get Obama's appointees confirmed, what did he do? He changed the rules.
As one pundit said, this past election was not so much an affirmation of Republican principles (they have none) but a restraining order against Democratic policies. We sent those people there to do a job, and I am in no mood to hear excuses!!!


JB said...

Here's what I don't understand. The Speaker of the House (arguably the highest level of the Legislative Branch of gov't) has filed a lawsuit against the exccesses of this President (the highest level of the Executive Branch of gov't). I would aassume that would require a speedy handling, given its criticality, by the top of the 3rd branch of gov't, i.e. the Supreme Court. What is the status of this lawsuit?

"The Hammer" said...

Glad you asked....

JB said...

Hammer, that lawsuit in the news today was filed by 26 states, not the Speaker of the House. I believe the Speaker has filed 2 separate lawsuits, though I believe both lawsuits deal w/ executive over-reach by this President. I was specifically asking about the Speaker's lawsuits.

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