Friday, February 20, 2015

What Does the Future Hold?

Everyday brings news of America's decline. Foreign policy, domestic policy, personal liberty and's all in a shambles. Barack Obama has bought off a large part of the electorate to the tune of nearly 10 trillion dollars so as to institute policies that will destroy us as a great nation. Barack Hussein Obama is to America what World War I was to the British Empire...if he succeeds. We are very close to being a bankrupt and powerless empire, irrelevant and nearly defenseless. He is certainly the transformational president he always wanted to be, and regardless if he is completely successful, dark days are coming. So how will it play out?
A couple of years ago on the non-partisan Sunday morning show "This Week" there was a discussion about the decline of Detroit. My God we have to do something, they all said. George Will pointed out that for 60 years Detroit had voted for crooks, incompetents and malcontents and with 80% illegitimacy, 47% illiteracy, packs of feral dogs roaming wild, no water, no police, no trash services etc. they were reaping what they have sown. The liberals were predictably offended; how could we just ignore the "less fortunate" they asked? After all the problem was "deindustrialization" not some right wing notion of moral collapse. Keep in mind that in 1960 Detroit was the richest city in America (and probably the world) and of course the liberal policy of forced deindustrialization was never mentioned. The point is Detroit is a precursor of things to come in America. What will America look like 20 years from now (if it takes that long)?
Will it be like a A Clockwork Orange with lawless gangs? Will it be like Dr. Zhivago with government officials showing up at our doors informing us that their records indicate we have a four bedroom house with only three people in residence, therefore we must allow five "needy" people to cohabitate our space (with rent vouchers paid for by government at government set rates and of course with government inspections etc. no doubt).
Seem farfetched? Don't count on it. How does a country with 60-70% of its population (currently about 50%) getting government checks sustain itself? We have (or will have) 20 trillion in debt with future obligations close to 100 trillion. States like Illinois and California are on their asses and although Illinois' new governor is showing some guts California will most certainly be seeking a bailout soon (let a Republican be elected President and they'll put him on the spot immediately). Economic collapse is an ugly thing, but it can happen here. Can we avoid it? I think we can, but it will take some doing.
With great powers the argument was always guns or butter? America had both. We were so rich for so long resentment was inevitable. Even though we showed them, the rest of the world refused to see the benefits of freedom and capitalism either because their leadership was threatened by it or they were suffering under some intellectual scourge like communism.
The fact is there are always people who wish to control other people to their benefit, and we have our share in America. But the social contract in America was just that, a contract. You do this and the state will guarantee that (freedom). Too much of the world relies on brutality and force, or lies and manipulation (or combinations thereof) to "control" their populations. We never sought to control anyone as long as they stayed within the bounds of the law. But our system has been used against us by those who hate freedom. We are at a precipice (I hope not too far gone), we can go either way. Barack Obama wants to tip us towards anarchy, social unrest and ultimate destruction. Not only does he not love America (thanks for saying it Rudy!), he hates America (thanks Dinesh). How can one want to "fundamentally change" something one loves anyway?
In the next few years we might be in waters only navigated by Lincoln. To save the Republic we might have to temporarily "suspend" some laws. We might have to deny due process. I don't look forward to it but giving Constitutional protections to the lawless (I'm thinking of illegal immigrants specifically who seek only our wealth and care nothing for our country) seems foolish. We are in a fight for our very way of life and when the rules have been perverted or ignored, then they no longer apply.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr Hammer. Perhaps the anarchy that is the end result of the decline will enable us to cull the herd a bit. We can always hope...

Mudge said...

We are watching the systematic, deliberate dismantling of the greatest nation ever built--all in plain view--and we are paralyzed to inaction out of the most horrific of fears--being called "racist" or "sexist" or the misnomered "homophobic" depending on whose policy you are debating. We cast our precious votes for people who promise us they'll carry our water and fight the good fight. And to be fair, a few do--but most do not. If McConnel and his pals cave on this HLS budget bill, they might as well all go home and powder their lady parts while the socialists complete their handiwork. Just as our "Commander" in Chief not being able to bring himself to identify the foreign enemy, neither can our GOP "leaders" identify our domestic enemy. If only the GOP could muster the same esprit de guerre to fight the domestic threat as they currently reserve only for their conservative voters who put them into the majority, then we might have the makings of getting Uncle Sam off life support.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Mudge---I too am disappointed in Republican Senate leadership. Hopefully the House will hold.

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