Thursday, February 5, 2015

Where There's Smoke There's Fire...Maybe

No this isn't a 'Hillary is a lesbo' piece, although that is one great photo isn't it? No this is all about rumors, specifically rumors about Hillary's health.

But first let's get the lesbian stuff out of the way. The Hammer's position is who knows and who cares? With a hubby like Bill I wouldn't blame her! Besides, he's probably into it. However if I were standing next to Christina Aguilera I would hope I'd have the good sense to avail myself of the opportunity. Case closed.

Down to it, does Hillary have cognitive issues? She fell and concussed herself in 2012 and took six long months to recover. It was later discovered she had a blot clot on the brain (not the ideal place I would think). It has been suggested by some very well placed people that she may indeed be in the early stages of dementia.
Now regardless of how the press might try to knock this down it's a fair question. This is a woman in her late sixties who sustained a fairly significant head injury with complications. Even the facts admitted to by Bill would cause warranted speculation. We need full disclosure up to and including a complete medical report. This woman is running for President of the United States, not school board president.

Does Hillary have a drinking problem? Well the National Enquirer thinks so. I know, it's just a tabloid but sometimes they get it right, just ask John Edwards. Might she be doing the Betty Ford thing out in the California desert? She sure has been laying low lately with only two appearances in the past six weeks (both in Canada, both on the same day). Maybe she got a day pass.
Look it's a well known fact Hillary likes to drink, and anybody can get into trouble with booze if they're not careful (myself and present company excepted). So again, this is a legitimate question that deserves an answer. Will it be forthcoming? From the Clintons? HELL TO THE NO! Will the media press the issue? Not as long as she has a D after her name.

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