Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Update

I am breaking the eSabbath this week due to the large amount of quiet, contemplative time I have already spent this week, and the fact that I am rapidly losing my mind due to inactivity.  I sought special dispensation and received it with little protest.  The granting authority was of course, me.

Yesterday was a setback day, begun with a bad decision (not to take my pain meds) and then exacerbated by serious stiffness and pain at PT.  I have no illusion that this process will be straight line improvement, so it wasn't a surprise that I felt crappy.  As the day wore on (and the meds kicked in), my outlook improved and I felt much better.

I had a very odd phone conversation with a loyal reader of this blog yesterday, who was kindly checking in to say hello.  During the chat, I discussed a side effect of the pain meds, and that is a bit of "gumming up the works" if you get my drift.  My twice daily regimen of pills includes agents designed to smooth the way, but with the exception of a lone episode Wednesday, little else has transpired.  Obviously, this will be "too much information" for many of you, but the reason it is interesting is that the conversation took a decided turn for the strange when this solid citizen and titan of industry suggested that I "get the Kitten" to go buy my diapers, so that I might simply go when I wish to, rather than take on the logistics necessary to get my beswollen lower body into a favorable axis for alimentary expulsion.  What had my interest was the degree to which this fellow had thought out and analyzed the pros and cons of the approach...I suggested that in all the time I had known him, I had heard no other subject so thoroughly considered by him.  He however, was very enthusiastic about the prospect for great joy that might flow from this approach.

I'm sure it might shock some of you, but I am somewhat particular about what I eat and when I eat it.  The Kitten and I have taken on this proclivity by largely vesting me with the family cooking duties when I am around, as none of the Kittens are as persnickety as I.  But my current condition limits me somewhat, and the Kitten has risen to the occasion by preparing me wonderfully scrumptious meals that are consistent with convalescing and dieting.  Among the delights have been a spectacular tuna melt (using a tomato for the base) and a chicken/bacon/cream cheese tornado that will henceforth become staples of my own repertoire.  I am considering grilling steaks tonight, as I'm feeling strong and mobile.

I have very limited objectives for the day, but one of them is to shower, something I have avoided for long enough.  I also have two self-guided PT sessions to tackle, which will put me in fine fettle for tonight's UVA/Louisville game.  Things are going well--and I am shockingly farther along than I was at this stage in the right hip procedure.  Cheers, friends.

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