Saturday, June 20, 2015

150's by 50 Goal Weight Achieved

On 31 December of the past year, I blogged in this space about a goal I had for nudging my weight into the 150's by my 50th Birthday.  That goal was achieved yesterday when I weighted in (holding my phone) at a mighty 159.6 lbs, one week and a day before my birthday.  For those of you not keeping score, that was 39.2 lbs in six months, or 24.6% of my body weight.

I have decided to continue down to 148.8, so that I can legitimately be able to claim a fifty pound weight loss.

The first 20 were pretty easy, and were a result almost exclusively of dieting.  I started out on a diet that allowed for a net of 1500 calories a day, with only 50 grams of carrbohydrates (heavy in fat and protein).  Once my hip healed and I could exercise, Netting 1500 a day became easier because I could work out and burn 350-400 calories at a shot.  A few weeks ago though, things seemed to plateau, and so I've been netting 1200 a day recently--which I essentially carried out as a two meal a day regimen.

Benefits?  I definitely feel better.  I'm eating plenty of food, and plenty of things I like.  I'm not snoring anymore.  At all.  The diet plus getting the hip done has caused me to exercise more, pain free.  Love that.

Drawbacks.  No pasta, rice, processed sugars, carbs below 50 a day means a lot of meat/fish/pork/lamb/butter/cheese/salad/veggies/shrooms.

Definitely worth it though.  I realize The Hammer is betting against me, but I hope to maintain this for a while.

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TigerHawk said...

Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment at any age, but vastly more impressive as we hit mid-century.

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