Friday, June 26, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Aw, what's the matter, Chumley?  Your team lose big at the Supreme Court?  Your in-the-planning-for-three-years 50th Birthday Party on what is traditionally one of the most consistently beautiful weekends of the year on the Atlantic Coast going to be visited by Biblical rainstorms?

Get it off your chest!  This is the place to do it.

Although the final, "150's by 50" weigh in is tomorrow morning to align with my actual birthday, today's weigh in was 158.4, for a loss of 40.4 lbs since December 26.  About 9.4 to go--stretch goal is "50 lbs in 50th year" (though I will technically be stretching it into my 51st....details).

As is mentioned above--the weather Gods are not on my side--likely no rain today, likely no rain Sunday--lots of rain Saturday. Oh well.  To be surrounded by a bunch of people I love will make is sunny where I am, at least.


TigerHawk said...

First, happy birthday and congratulations on your weight loss. I know have forty pounds on you. Egads. Second, the party will be awesome. We had a similar issue with our wedding here in Austin in November 2013. It was 80 degrees 36 hours before, and 36 hours after, the wedding. The afternoon of the wedding, it was 42 and drizzling, which was an all-time "record low high temperature" for Austin on that date. We called in tents and heaters, and the whole thing came off perfectly.

"The Hammer" said...

NOBODY"S 50th birthday should be celebrated. We can tell ourselves we "still got it", that age is just a number, that 50 is the new 40...whatever. But somewhere between 35 and 45 we reach the pinnacle where we have less days than those lived. The slide into old age begins. The AARP mailers arrive every month (unless you consistently send them back in the prepaid envelope with "FUQ OFF! written in bold magic marker, for like two years) the hottie waitress automatically adds you senior discount and you can call her "shug or sweety" without getting a dirty look (you are no longer a viable threat).
Yes 50 is the big one. No more bj's riding down I-95, no more pick up games of b-ball with the kids, no more standing in front of the mirror thinking "I look ok, just need to lift weights or something". No, 50 is the age where things starts falling off, shooting pains rip through your body for no apparent reason (and are gone as quick as they came), the "Hair Club for Men" doesn't seem that silly anymore and Viagra is a fixture in the medicine cabinet.
At 30 you are no longer a "young adult", at 40 everything still works and you are Master of the Universe and possibilities still exist, at 50 you are what you are and it's all about controlled descent.
So Happy Birthday CW, let the party begin.

Tubby Benghazi said...


I am 54.

LL said...

Isn't the Confederate Bonnie Blue Flag also the flag of a US rear admiral (lower half)?

So will they make all of the commodores/rear admiral lower halves into rear admiral upper halves, to solve the dilemma or change the flag into a unicorn with a rainbow or something?

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