Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter to the editor of the week

In response to last week's lead story in The Economist, a letter to the editor that says what many men may feel:
In defence of men

Many years ago when we noticed that women were not doing well in school or work we did not tell them to face up to reality and adjust (“Men adrift”, May 30th). We changed reality to accommodate them. The changes, as might have been predicted, are now showing up in schools and work as ever more men fail to achieve the success they did in the past. Your solution, to persuade young men that nursing, teaching and hairdressing are things they should aspire to, inspired me to absolute despair. Frankly, I’d sooner lie on a couch, drinking beer and watching television—and I hate couches, beer and TV.

The qualities men bring to the mix are what transformed the Western world from a backwater in the 1600s to where we are today. The countries that have harnessed those male qualities of enterprise, discipline, energy, focus and a fierce desire to win have powered themselves to success.

We too could return to success by allowing men the space to do what they do best without being constrained to level the playing field. Perhaps we could create Special Enterprise Zones where males go to school and start businesses following male cultural norms. Think Silicon Valley before society noticed it was not inclusive enough.


Whitby, Canada

Except for the part about hating beer, of course.

Release the hounds.

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