Monday, June 22, 2015

Vacation Week, Sort Of

I am, to the extent that anything is official in my life, on vacation this week.  This week was chosen in no small part because at its end--this Saturday evening--I am throwing a Bilbo Baggins-like 50th Birthday for myself in the backyard.  We're hoping against all hope that the uneven forecast that exists right now cleans itself up quickly.

The party is a big one, nearly 150 people, with tents, a band, and lots of BBQ chicken and ribs.  I've been planning this baby in my mind for about three years now--and have simply tired The Kitten out with its details.

But there's more to the story.  Our best friends in town are moving this summer, as he's taken a new job in Virginia.  After much kvetching among the ladies, it was decided that we should hold their going away party.  Not wanting to sound like a party-pooper and definitely wanting a proper send-off for our good friends, I readily agreed.  Then came the bad news.  For a number of reasons, pretty much the best night for the party turned out to be the night before my birthday party.  The tents would already be up, the place looking ship-shape, etc.  After all, how hard would it be to throw a party for 100 the night before you throw a party for 150?

When this back to back obligation arose, I realized that taking Thursday and Friday off this week just would not do, as the Kitten would invariably have a ton of things that she needed help doing.  You see, our standards simply aren't the same, and so I have a great deal more forgiveness with respect to small details.  For me, the point is there is a party, with alcohol, a band, and food.  Who gives a crap about everything else.  The Kitten?  A bit more discriminating.

So, in order to ensure sufficient support is rendered to the lady of the manor, I blocked out the week.  Except that then, things started to creep in--some of which were "responsibilities" and some of which were pretty profitable.  I need to become more disciplined about saying "no, hell no", but things worked out pretty well and I only have something I must do this afternoon--the other stuff moved to the right.

And so, much of my "vacation" will be spent running back and forth to liquor stores, grocery stores, party supply stores, Lowe's, and so on.  I'll be sprucing this and tidying that, planning this and carrying that.  All in the service of a blowout weekend of bashes.

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TigerHawk said...

Good luck with that!

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