Saturday, June 6, 2015

150's By 50 Weight Goal in Serious Jeopardy

I have weighed the exact same thing, 164.8, the last three Friday weigh-ins, even as I have assiduously managed my eating and exercised regularly.  With 21 days to go and 4.9 lbs to lose, I must lose 1.63 pounds each week to weigh in at 159.9.

This post is not an invitation to provide all of your stories on how I can drop the weight in the time allotted. I assure you, I am on this.  But the entire six months I've been at this, there hasn't been one stretch like this, as long as this.

A six day trip to Norway between now and June 27th is unlikely to help much.

But worry not, I'll do it.  And then I'll drop another 10 just for good measure.

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