Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grievance, Voter ID and UVA Wins

HOW much time and effort and money will it take to appease the left and cleanse ourselves of our racist history? Well without getting into all the bending over backwards we've done over the years, the fact is no matter what we do it will never be enough. The left see minorities, most especially blacks as the ultimate wedge to achieve their version of socialism (which is still to be decided). Many blacks are purposely kept in poverty (with the help of rich blacks) because poor blacks are useful.

There are two groups I can think of that are treated as victims of a power structure hellbent on keeping them down (with socialists riding to the rescue of course): American blacks and the British WHITE lower class. Not surprisingly they act (or act out) in very similar ways. Tom Sowell nailed it a couple of years ago. I reference this as proof these people are just manipulative, power hungry bastards without a modicum of care or respect for humanity.

So, for all the lunkheads out there who thought they would put racial strife behind us by electing an unqualified, smooth talking, black version of a Marlboro Man, then guess again. American socialists/fascists/communists/race-hustlers will NEVER give up black victimhood. When one victory is achieved (like getting rid of the Confederate Flag) the goalposts will just change. Black grievance is too valuable (and too profitable) to be given up.

DID you see our NC Republican Legislature gave up on voter id? Yep, they rolled over quicker than a ladyboy in a Thai alternative lifestyle cathouse. I'm sure most of you aren't too familiar with North Carolina politics, but let's just say we have our share of Boehners and McCarthys and McConnells. Anyway, rather than show a free ID issued by the NCDMV now you can vote if you sign an affidavit attesting to how the burden of getting your FREE ID was too much to bear and you'll do it later, maybe, if you feel like it...possibly. As a matter of fact the door to voter fraud was opened a little wider. Wow, some bunch of conservatives we have in Raleigh these days.

Here's the deal, we have NO Constitutional RIGHT to vote. None whatsoever Goddammit (look it up). So, in order to vote one must be eligible and PROVE their eligibility. The burden is not on the State to prove you are ineligible otherwise you vote. For example, if a Doctor wished to practice medicine in the State of North Carolina it is up to the doctor to prove his eligibility for a medical license. The argument that "it's ok, I'm eligible, I'll get back to you with that medical degree thingy" wouldn't fly (at least not yet). It's just common sense. Furthermore, who goes through life without proper identification? And if voting is such a priority why are you walking around with a Foodlion rewards card as your only ID? When some ineligible asshole votes, he/she negates a vote by an ELIGIBLE VOTER denying them the franchise. Where the hell is the outrage about that?

CONGRATS to CW's University of Virginia for their first ever College World Series win. UVA baseball has been a bright spot in an otherwise traumatic year (sports and otherwise) in Charlottesville. According to my information this makes 19 National Championships won by the Wahoos over the years in such sports as women's track and field, men and women's lacrosse and soccer (you know, the pussy sports). So this first championship in an American game is just great. Well done!

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