Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dispatch from the Road

I am less than an hour away from boarding the red-eye heading east from San Diego, although it is a non-stop through Newark with a four hour layover in the morning.  I honestly don't remember how it was I came to screw myself with this agenda, as there is no staff making my travel arrangements.  I only know that if all goes well, I'll get to Easton tomorrow at around 1330, hope into the rack for a quick nap, and then awaken in time to provide mutual support to the Kitten as she and Kitten 2 preside over an 8th Grade graduation party.  There are 23 kids in the class, and they'll be gamboling for a few hours before their parents come over at 8PM for wine and dessert.  I shall likely be wiped out by the time they leave.

The following day (Thursday) is "awards day" at the school, and I will head over in the morning to see what honors and accolades Kitten 2 has earned.  She's a bright little whippersnapper, that's for sure.  Early in the afternoon, I have to drive to the train station to pick up Catherine's dead husband's mother, Jinny, so she can join us on Friday for the graduation ceremony.  Jinny is a wonderful woman who has been very accepting of me, and we share a mania for news and human interest stories.  Friday is the blessed day itself, including the ceremony in the morning (Kitten 2 chosen as the speaker, natch), then a luncheon at our house for members of the extended Eastern Shore family.  Mid afternoon Friday, I will retire to the ManCave and emerge only when necessary for the next 8 days---when I head to Norway for a little junket.

This trip was only two days, but I made a very nice restaurant discovery just a few miles down from my client site in Coronado.  It is a seafood joint, but I went for the NY Strip and it was a delight.  As I've shared with you before, I made a hash of the fifteen months I was stationed here, so returning these days is an opportunity for me to try and appreciate this great place.  The RNC convention in 2016 is in Cleveland (unfortunately), but I should think San Diego would be a lovely place for 2020...

Unlike many who are able to slow down a little in the summer--my summer is shaping up to be brutal, just as it has been for the last few years.  Winter is my slow season for some reason, which is the wrong way to do things when you live in a summer paradise like I do.  Speaking of paradise, the boys from the Mosquito Squad are coming out to the house next week to do a "treatment", with another scheduled the week of my birthday party.  If you don't know about the party, it's because you either weren't invited or the Evite went to your junk file and you never opened it.  But I'm throwing a bash at the end of the month to mark my 50th, and I want to slaughter as many bloodsucking varmints as I can between now and then.  The Kitten is less excited than I am about this, as she has well developed environmental sensibilities.  But the bugs are insane this year, and I am taking action.

A couple of travelogue worthy events coming up in October--I'm headed to New Orleans for a little business and pleasure, and then General Dan and I are heading up to Green Bay for the weekend to experience Wisconsin and take in a Packers game.  I'll be sure to take you along via the blog.


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