Sunday, June 7, 2015

Silent Coup or Will America Invade?

At the beginning of Obama's first term I would point out certain things Obama said or point to certain actions Obama had taken (or intended to take) and suggest (but never said) he may be at his core anti-American. I recall a dustup with CW over the Lockerbie bombing terrorist "transfer" from Scotland to Gadaffy's Libya on humanitarian grounds. CW went into a tizzy and said my accusation that Obama gave at least tacit approval was groundless and tantamount to "treason" and demanded an apology, which, against my better judgement I gave (but I'm not bitter).

I would like to state right now that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT an American (regardless of where he was born), does not have America's interests at heart and is in fact working overtime to destroy America. He is an enemy of freedom and democracy, a liar, a breaker of oaths and I personally have come to believe him an Islamist. There is ample evidence to back up my conclusion from his anti-Israel policy to facilitating Iran gaining a nuclear weapon (AND delivery system which no one talks about) to his "come one come all" illegal immigration policy. His focus, in my view is to create an Islamic military super-power and an as weak as possible America before he leaves office.

Incidentally, I was wrong. At first I though Obama a man of the left, sometimes socialist, sometimes generic authoritarian, sometimes fascist...but always of the left. But statism by its nature is centralized power and Obama has used leftist tactics and policies as just a track to run on. He has taken the common ground occupied by statists (whatever their ideology) and used it in a masterful way for the dual purpose of appeasing his "blame America first" base AND setting up the country for destruction. Tell me, if you were of a mind to take a country, would it be easier to take that country if power and wealth were dispersed or all political power concentrated in one town and 99% of the wealth in the hands of a few?  Would you be conducting military exercises in urban locations around the country? Would you be quietly "seeding" communities? America has been living off debt for 6+ years with pretty much zero interest rates. Suppose with the flick of a switch that debt were called in, inflation lit up like a brushfire and interest rates shot up to 30-40%. America (and the world) would be plunged into a depression that would make the 1930's seem tame by comparison. But this time we have 35 million illegal immigrants (as well as millions of LEGAL immigrants) fighting for the scraps. How prepared would or could we be to fight a China or Russia or a unified pan-Islamic nuclear state?

Look, in all honesty I don't know what the guy is up to, but his policies are creating conditions for some potentially very bad things. Military planners consider all contingencies however remote or unlikely. All I'm saying is so should we, and some of the scenarios I've just suggested are a helluva lot more likely than America invading Australia.

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