Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Could She Be the One?

I am really starting to like Carly Fiorina's chances. Hannity spent the whole hour Monday night with her and she sounds like a woman on a mission. Her resume is at least as compelling and powerful as any candidate in the race. She has experience at running large organizations SUCCESSFULLY and she's not a professional politician. She has an amazing command of the issues and will be able to do things no Republican MALE President would even consider. She will turn identity politics to our advantage, and oh boy do we NEED an advantage.

Consider, it's starting to look like Hillary may indeed be the default candidate for the Democrats. Oh Sanders might give her a few fits and starts, and O'Malley may finally get off the dime, but it's not looking like either will make much of an impact. Fiorina has shown she is very good at exposing Hillary and the Clinton machine. She would runs rings around Hillary in a debate with none of this "sexist male" bullshit to contend with. In fact if I were a Hillary advisor I wouldn't let her debate Fiorina.

Women are now 54% of the registered voters in this country, identity politics are part and parcel to today's political environment and she negates that issue immediately. She takes so many angles of attack away from the Dems (she will be impossible to "Palenize") and opens up so many for Republicans, I'm almost salivating thinking about it.

So, Cruz can't win because of guys like CW. Bush can't win because of guys like me. Rubio is certainly capable but too young and inexperienced in my view (a good VP choice however). The 15 or 20 other declared candidates from Ben Carson to Rand Paul to Mike Huckabee to Lindsey Graham (Good Lord!) will be culled from the herd in short order. Right now I'm going with competence, experience, gender (I know, what can I say?) and toughness. She's the real deal, an American Maggie Thatcher and I think she'd make one helluva President.


TigerHawk said...

Hammer! We, like, mostly agree! I'd say the only tough sell in your post is to Fiorina's resume. The no doubt hostile press will give her no credit for her business background, and wonder if she has any genuinely relevant experience. Being a corporate tool myself I would say absolutely, but she is very vulnerable to attack here.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I think she is terrific.

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