Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Coming War: It won't be what you think.

Did you happen to see the NY Post this morning? The President and his minions are bureaucratizing racial "atonement". Every facet of our personal lives, I repeat OUR PERSONAL LIVES is being monitored and collected so as to advance a racial agenda (as defined by hard-core leftists) who themselves will then decide when their work is done. When is the last time you saw a bureaucracy announce "Our purpose is fulfilled, our mandate completed, we employees of the Federal Agency XYZ can now be reassigned and/or fired and Congress may allocate our budgeted monies elsewhere"?  Fat chance! If this outrageously un-Constitutional overreach is allowed to stand it will never be over...EVER! Full bore fascism will have arrived in the guise of "civil rights" and our commissars will be leftist judges.

We as middle class Americans need to wake up, we are now the enemy. We are the enemy in the eyes of the current administration, certainly the Democrat Party and as painful as it is to admit, much of the Republican Party. They deny us our history, they deny us our moral standing, they deny us our God. We are ridiculed and slandered with impunity and if we raise a voice in defiance we are mercilessly harassed from all sides.

I am an American. My family has been here since 1720. We fought her wars, we suffered her retribution, but we still love her. We make NO apologies for her. But if the forces of the left think we will sit idly by and allow this country to be taken over by foreigners or foreign ideologies that deny our freedoms GIVEN TO US BY GOD, they'd best think again.

Question: How many people have been murdered by governments in the pursuit of "equality"?  If this equality uber alles scheme (scam) gets going then violence will be the only option. I am not advocating violent conflict or revolt, all I am saying is one day in the not too distant future it may be our only option... and the war will be by definition a race war.


Tubby Bengahzi said...

Ahhh, don't get yer panties in a wad friend. They will never have time to implement the mischief they are looking for. Chinese hackers will turn off the EBT system the first week of the month. I have no doubt that untold numbers of Twitter accounts that appear to be from Jesse's Rainbow Warrior types (not to be confused with Caitlyn's Rainbow Warriors)are actually those of Chinese agents and the Twitterverse, as well as American cities, will explode when the bodegas and 7-11s aren't able to provide snack time treats. Initial casualties will be white liberal urban dwellers and gang members killed by rivals AKA "Democrats". Of course Taiwan and any territories that the PRC has their eye on will be toast, but, you have to take the good with the bad.

TigerHawk said...

1620 on my mother's side (Plymouth), and 1610 or so (Jamestown) on my father's, and my new Virginian ancestor married a Powhatan. Weirdly, that means that my white privilege is bigger than almost everybody's. So I got your back, Hammer!

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