Friday, August 7, 2015

Give to Marco Rubio for President

Hey folks, how bout that Marco Rubio?  I just got off a conference call with him and other fund raisers (a bunch of them,I'm not special) , and I can tell you that he isn't cocky, that he told us all "we had a good day, we'll have some bad days"--which really was good to hear because that's the way it will play out.

He was definitely excited about the debate last night, and stressed the importance of continuing to stay positive and continuing to stay dedicated to laying out a positive vision of the future.

The Conservative Wahoo fund has raised $1000 thus far, on our way to $100,000.

Won't you consider a donation, even a small one?  It's going to take a lot of money to beat Hillary Clinton, and every little bit counts.

Just right click the form on this page, open in a new tab, print it out with the amount you want to give and send it on in.

Thanks for your consideration!


1 comment:

TigerHawk said...

OK, the whole printer deal is almost insurmountable. Can you figure out how we can give online and for you to get the credit? Do we need to plug in your contributor tracking code, or some shit?

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