Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am NOT being a Jerk!

CW gave me the business last night, and I'm a little pissed. He said something along the lines of "yeah we know your views on Trump, so just shut up and let the grownups talk". That was very dismissive and very hurtful. I cried myself to sleep! How could CW be so MEAN! This morning I'm a wreck and I can't stop shaking. I think I'm getting a rash!

So here's the deal, I'm a good Republican. I've voted Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972. With all those votes for President, and untold votes for Congressmen, Senators, Governors etc., only a few represented my views (one of course being Rockin' Ronnie Reagan who comes in on the Hammer-is-always-right-o-meter at 87.3%). I have been a loyal team player. I've voted for and given money to guys I knew weren't really my cup of tea but I did it because #1 they were better than the alternative and #2 my day would come.

Well apparently my day doesn't come. I don't get a say. One third to one half of this party wants one thing this election, we want IMMIGRATION dealt with. That's all we want. We can live with Bush or Rubio or whomever, but if all these illegals aren't sorted it makes no difference who we support, no Republican will ever be elected President again, at least not in our lifetime. Conservatism will be dead. Freedom will be dead. Representative, republican government will be dead.

Just the other day Bernie Sanders said to make no mistake, this was about the fundamental transformation of America. Do you think that's an idle threat? Do you think he means Euro-socialism like Barack Obama? I don't think so. I think Sanders could very well be the nominee, and if there's one thing communists are good at it's subverting elected governments, and if Sanders wins every hardcore foaming at the mouth commie son-of-a-bitch will come out of the woodwork and you'll see what Eastern Europe had to put up with for 50 years. Farfetched you say? Don't count on it. I didn't think Obama could get away with half of his shit, but he did.

So we can continue this game of chicken if you want. You guys can continue to ignore us thinking we'll come around...but not this time. You can't put us off anymore, the future is here, either listen to your consultants and your special interests or listen to 50% of your base. We are not your enemy. We are your friends and we are trying to save you from yourselves, and save the damn country in the mean time.

There are three possible outcomes as I see it: No compromise within our party and the Democrats win and we get their version of "immigration reform" and the country becomes California where no Republican will ever win again. Second, we "conservatives" go along (as usual) and we get a establishment Republican version of "immigration reform" and the country becomes California where no Republican will ever win again. Third, we get our candidates to go on record that they will be as aggressive with our immigration laws as Obama has been with Obamacare, in which case we have a chance to reestablish a free Constitutional Republic as our founders intended.

If that's being a jerk then so be it.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Who called you a jerk? Did I call you a jerk? If so, I am to be chastised roundly. Perhaps even prohibited from wearing a bow tie for several weeks of penance.

Those (like you) screaming about immigration aren't paying enough attention to what the other candidates are and were saying about it. Many have stances as least as strong as Trumps AND have had long records of predictable policy views on EVERY OTHER STINKING MATTER OF IMPORTANCE TO REPUBLICANS.

"The Hammer" said...

I hear you CW, but we've been lied to too much lately. Plus there is no other issue apart from immigration. Until such time as every liberal network is ranting and raving about how racist, nativist and xenophobic the Republicans have become I ain't buying. Sorry, heard it all before.

Anonymous said...

Always such a degree of hysteria.

"The Hammer" said...


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