Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I've Seen This Movie Before

How did we come to this? We've got a celebrity businessman dominating the Republican field while the "serious" candidates are having trouble getting MENTIONED in the media, much less getting their message out. Why is this happening? How can this be? Well because of one issue: IMMIGRATION! I've said it before, in fact I've said it so much CW wants to kill me, and that is for many of us this is THE ONLY ISSUE! Give us what we want or we're bailing. Even if you as a good, middle-of-the-road Republican can't personally see the importance and urgency of the issue, at least you can recognize it's important TO US. And what's important to an important constituency should should be important to YOU. So what's the problem?

Did you ever see the movie A Bridge Too Far. Sure you did. Anyway Robert Redford (no acting prick that he is) is asked the best way to take a bridge and his reply was from both sides at once. That's what's happening on the issue of immigration, and that's the Republican's problem. Guys like Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg (Marco Rubio is his "personal Senator" according to Trump) throw the big bucks at Republicans who are desperate to get their message out (which takes lots of cash) and now they're in a pickle. On one side their consultants tell them they have to have the Hispanic vote or the party will be a dinosaur real soon and their big donors INSIST on kissing immigrant ass because they want the cheap labor. But on the other side they're under tremendous pressure to get guys like me to the polls, without which they have no hope in hell of winning (ask Romney, 4 million right wingers stayed home in 2012). Brother it is a BIG problem.

So what's to be done? Apparently our 19th hole friends hope to ride out the storm and chip away at Trump's support as the quick kill failed miserably. The fat-cat donors seem to have coalesced around Jeb I guess thinking that one candidate, rather than fifteen has a better chance of breaking through the Trump noise machine. Plus Jeb is a nice, safe Republican...just their kinda guy. But if you want to know the truth they don't give a damn who wins Republican or Democrat, they've taken the bridge from both sides.

Now, let's talk Biden a second. From what I gather here is the strategy.
•Obama wants a "reliable" Democrat to win, someone that will not threaten his legacy or his influence within the party...that ain't Hillary. Therefore the steady drip drip drip of bad news instigated by the administration.
•To kill off Hillary overtly would be problematic for Democrats, the Clintons in general are beloved by a ton of very active leftists. Plus Hillary is a woman, if Biden takes her down it will piss off the feminists/lesbians mightily and who knows, they might just stay home. But...BUT if Hillary is indicted then Biden can say well Golly Gee, she did it to herself.
• Supposedly Biden is planning (when the time comes) to announce he will serve only one term but Elizabeth Warren will be his running mate. This will of course salve the wounds of feminists and give the party a possible twelve long years in office. It's brilliant actually, if it works.
• The key is getting rid of Hillary, when the time comes, without a lot of drama. Bill Clinton still has the mojo to pitch a bitch and damage any Democrat's chances so the question is what's to be done with him? What would it take for him to play ball after Hillary is cast into the wilderness? I'm thinking they'll drum up some legal problems for him maybe? Who knows but they ain't got nothing he wants.
• Timing is very important for Biden. You don't want Hillary out until it's too late for others to jump in. What's the point in killing Hillary off if you've got to go through a brutal primary with fifteen other DEMOCRATS who have jumped in to fill the void? Biden wants to be the calvary riding in to save the day... at the last minute.

So, there's my dime-store analysis. Now hit the road, you're bothering me.


Commodore99 said...

"ask Romney, 4 million right wingers stayed home in 2012". I'll never understand the mindset to not support the candidate that comes closest to your position. So I guess it's better that we have had Obama for a second term?

"The Hammer" said...

I never understood it either, but I'm starting to. For me the turning point was Cucinelli in the Virginia governors race. All he needed a a little last minute cash infusion and he would have won. The Republican Party establishment left him swinging, he was too conservative.
So the days of go along to get along are over for me. Screw my guys I'm gonna screw yours, and it's up to the party to make amends and apologize.

Mudge said...

I guess between Lenin and Stalin, Lenin comes closest to my position. If I could have voted for my closest position candidate then, I would have just stayed home at my gulag.

Analogies to the extreme aside, and although I have not yet stayed home, I find it more and more difficult to take my precious vote to the polls and award it to a party who exerts more energy and stamina fighting me than fighting for our Constitutional Republic. Hence the Lenin-Stalin comment. One may be 'better' but neither is good and they both see me and my ilk as something to be brought under control.

Neither would shed a tear if we all vanished one day, so long as we left behind a (re-)usable voter ID card.

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