Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Apple a Day to Keep Obamacare Away?

This NY Times article mentions a recent study by Kenneth Thorpe, chairman of the department of health policy and management at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. "[He] found that if trends continued, annual health care costs related to obesity would total $344 billion by 2018, or more than 20 percent of total health care spending. (It now accounts for 9 percent.)

Dr. Thorpe also said that if the incidence of obesity fell to its 1987 level, it would free enough money to cover the nation’s uninsured population."

Even if the cost contribution is half what the study purports, the reduction in obesity would be worth it. Yet, we don't see any of the advocates of the current version of health care "reform" as vociferously advocating this angle. It's easier to take people's money. I say we start picketing....

"Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, them saddlebags(beer-bellies) have got to go!"

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Ton de Plume said...

I am watching TLC's fattiethon tonight, all the quarter ton loads whose medical bills we all have to pay.

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