Sunday, November 29, 2009

Groh Gone

Al Groh has been sacked as the Head Coach of the UVA Football Team, a move I've been advocating for four years now....his 2007 season gave him a new lease on life as coach, one that should have ended in 2006.


Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

Some people you just can't please.

John S. said...

Failed basketball and football programs, millions wasted on contract buyouts, half empty stadiums with pitifully unenthusiastic fans...time to jettison the PC considerations about Littlepage's ethnicity and throw him over the side as well. If cancer is growing in the athletic dept, accountability should begin at the top.

The only bright spots of note in Virginia athletics revenue sports are Connor and Ryan...both exceptional leaders. Too early to tell about Bennett although the coach/player interactions I've observed at JPJ are encouraging...they're not winning yet, but are clearly more motivated and playing together as a team. There already appears to be more of an environment of mutual respect and trust in the men's b=ball program.

Time to beat the drum for Littlepage's ouster?

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