Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time Magazine Is Ridiculous

Time Magazine's Cover story this week designates the 00's as the "Decade From Hell", adding to the recurrent social phenomenon of thinking that the times one lives in are somehow "special" and that whatever the issue, it is just more meaningful because those other things--well, they happened to a bunch of dead people. Rubbish.

This really is just another way for the media to bash George Bush, who happened to be president for 80% of this period.

In the article, they qualify their "scope" to post WWII--but I just don't get how the 1970's don't blow the 00's out of the water. Let's review (links provided for Time subscribers):

1. Tail end of Vietnam War
2. A few natural disasters.
3. Richard Nixon
4. Jimmy Carter
5. "Whip Inflation Now"
6. Malaise Speech
7. Iran Hostage Crisis
8. Disco
9. Leisure Suits
10. Gas Lines
11. The Mustang II
12. Jonestown
13. Joyce Carol Oates
14. Munich Olympics
15. Red Brigades
16. Litter

I could go on...and on....and on.

But we now live in the Age of Obama--a man who tells us that this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression (wrong) in order to make us feel we're living in notable times. He vexes over his decision in Afghanistan, as if he's the first President to face issues of war and peace.

No, the 2000's weren't particularly bad, but nor were they particularly good. But that doesn't fit the anti-Bush narrative.


Anonymous said...

Bush was a miserable disaster, why is that so hard to comprehend?

Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

Yes Bush was a miserable disaster, yes yes. So was Reagan and let's not forget Nixon. Republicans come in only two varieties, dolts or evil scheming bastards.
I want to change the subject. Yesterday an out-manned and out-gunned NC State, through force of will and stick-to-it-tive-ness (an ESPN word) defeated the Godless reprobates from Chapel Hill. Carolina fielded their usual team of would be gang-bangers and steroid abusers; smack talking, dredlock wearing, "whip the girlfriend's ass at 2am" mercenaries. State's defense has been so devastated by injuries they could only dress out 13 players! The offensive coordinator watched the game from his hospital bed due to a diagnosis of Leukemia.
But we would not be denied. This is our Thermopylae, our Masada, our Petersburg...only we won.
Of course the Tar Heel faithful are inconsolable. Their smart little blue blazers are in a heap at the bottom of the closet, their beanie caps are tossed in the corner and their unicycles remains untouched. And, rather than play in the Peach Bowl they are relegated to some tire bowl in Charlotte. Feel the burn!!!

Greg "The Hammer" Dail said...

Oh yeah, my congratulations to the University of Virginia Cavaliers on an outstanding season. Even though your arch-rival Va. Tech used you like a truck stop whore yesterday, it was nevertheless an outstanding year... for you. Good luck in your search for a new coach. I hear Charlie Weis will be available soon but the Wahoo faithful are not optimistic due to the dearth of "all you can eat" buffets in Charlottesville.

Stephen Monteith said...

What a sec, what's so bad about disco?

Anonymous Too said...

"Miserable disaster"? C'mon.

I remember one of ABC News tearjerker stories about a single mother of 5 in the Atlanta area who was losing her house. She was a friggin' bus driver and had a 6 bedroom crib (none of her kids shared a father, I guess there was no reason they should have to share a bedroom ya know) in the 'burbs, courtesy of the easy money that every brokedick was eligible for during the Bush years.

Are you sayin' the Bush years were a misable disaster for her? She got to live in a nice neighborhood, that she had no economic right to be in, for a couple years. They must have been some good times, right?

Anonymous said...

What do you have against Joyce Carol Oates exactly?

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