Friday, November 20, 2009

Racism. It's Not Just for People Anymore.

If anyone has ever adopted an animal from the SPCA (which I strongly encourage), you know how sad it is to see all the animals in there that are desperate to find their forever home. So animal shelters have to get creative at times in getting the word out on their animals. The Norfolk SPCA has attempted some such creativity--in conjunction with the holiday shopping season's Black Friday, they're having a Black Friday of their own, and all black pets (which are difficult to place, for reasons I don't understand), will be available at a discounted rate.

You know where this story is going, don't you? Yep. The local NAACP has expressed its dismay on how 'it's insensitive to African Americans who came to this nation as slaves and were sold.'

If anyone reading this can explain to me the connection, please help. And the good news is that not only is the Norfolk SPCA standing by their Black Friday event, but neighboring Virginia Beach is now hosting their own Black Friday event.


Mudge said...

Perhaps they will be relieved to hear that the current duck season's daily limit for black ducks here in the south is, as usual, only one. Not so lucky if you happen to be a redhead (2), a greenhead (4), or a whitehead (baldpate)(5).

As an aside, but related observation, a few years back, the duck that had forever been known as the "oldsquaw" was officially renamed in legislation as "long-tailed duck". (I still love that they have to add parenthetically, "formerly known as "Oldsquaw"). I wonder how long it will be until we rename black ducks to African-American ducks or, still my favorite example of politically correct stupidity (redundant, I know) ducks "of color" much more enlightned than "colored" (when is NAACP going to correct themselves to NAAPOC?).

Okay, enough wise quacks.

I do wonder if we will one day be forced to hunt "ducks of color" from "visually challengeds".

BTW, any black labs in that racist SPCA clearance?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Sally--thanks for this. How ridiculous.

Sally said...

Mudge, you're looking for a black lab? I thought you were a wiener dog guy.

Podish said...

By "black pets" I though they were talking about Michael Vick's dogs.

Mudge said...

Yes, love the weinerdogs but the only one we have now is a non-hunter. In fact, she's pretty much a democrat all around. The only thing she wants to do with me is to let me support her with food, housing, and vet care. And when it comes to duck hunting, even my buddy, Sammie about whom I wrote, was fairly challenged to bring back anything bigger than a teal. Not that he wouldn't try.

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