Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Hey folks--what day is it?  It is FRIDAY!!!!! Time to kvetch, bitch, whine and pout.  Your fourth place finish in Iowa causing you to display the instability that everyone feared (and which put you in fourth place)?  Your new defense strategy got folks thinking you're waving the white flag?  C'mon folks, share!

Interesting fact:  Tubby McG and Mrs. Tubby will make a mint portraying the Romney's if he is elected...


Sally said...

Are we live-blogging the debate tomorrow night or does everyone besides me have a life and is unavailable to do so?

"The Hammer" said...

All week Rush has been ranting about how the Republican Party establishment is afraid of Obama. According to Rush, guys like Steve Schmidt (John McCain's campaign manager) hold sway and are #1 not conservative, #2 losers (google Schmidt and see for yourself). Again, according to Rush, these political experts are telling Republicans that Obama can't be beaten. He is personally popular and people like him. Any attack will be viewed by the all important moderates as racist, sexist and homophobic. The best course is to concentrate on taking back the Senate because moderates like divided government.

This of course is music to the ears of the GOP professional political class. It seems they really miss those big offices, the accommodating secretaries and the hoards of ass-kissers, lobbyists and sycophants ready to fulfill their every of charge. Let me just say I have no interest whatsoever in the Republican Party per se. For me, any party apparatus is just that, a tool, a means to an end. I have no interest in supporting a bunch of careerist politicians who have neither the guts nor the requisite intelligence to fight for the policies they ostensibly espouse.

Furthermore, this is not just any old election. As Ann Coulter said, we either repeal Obamacare immediately as well as get the immigration problem under control immediately or the country will be lost...forever. Want to see the future(?), have a look at California. Steve Schmidt doesn't get it. The Republican Party doesn't get it. I just hope to God Mitt Romney does get it and runs an agressive, no holds barred campaign with WINNING as the goal. The issues are laid out on a silver platter for him; it's his election to lose. You don't get points for holding back or being nice and failure is not an option, we got to have this one.

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