Monday, January 30, 2012


I remember when he did this with Twitter several months ago and Iowahawk had a fun-filled afternoon of tweeting POTUS. Nevertheless, smart move by the Obama campaign to have his name pop up on every Google search in the US.

The You Tube site says neither POTUS nor his staff will know which questions (in the form of You Tube videos) will be selected for him to answer. It also says the winning You Tubers will be invited to sit in with the President as he answers the questions. I'm guessing, since they are viewable in rank order for all the world to see and since the Secret Service already knows who is coming over today, that the White House staff will once again be exercising their model integrity by not peeking before tonight. I can't wait to watch the absolute surprise on Barak's (he said I can call him that) face as each new video is unveiled. Darn, I'll be on the road then. Oh well, maybe Sally or Hammer can catch it for me instead.


CCE said...

Just for fun, I clicked on the link on Google, then scrolled through the first 50 or so questions listed on the feed. About 95% of them related to the legalization of marijuana. It might be worth watching if POTUS actually answers that question!

Sally said...

You should have submitted a YouTube question. They might have picked it because they feel bad about dissing you on that Dinner with Barack gig.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nice to see those letters, CCE.

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