Monday, January 2, 2012

Eric Cantor to 60 Minutes: When Will I Be Loved?

Sorry Eric, the answer is never, not by these people. More to the point, when will you and your fellow Republicans realize you are hated by Leslie Stahl and the establishment media? Oh I'm sure she told you it would be a nice puff piece with a few political questions. They just want to introduce you to the American people and show your "human" side with the fam and everything. And Leslie being a nice Jewish girl, well SHE wouldn't set you up, not a chance. I'm sure your heart sank when Stahl started the segment with terms like "gridlock", "obstructionist" and "hardline image". Oh the betrayal!

I don't have a problem with tough one-sided interviews and I don't have a problem with Leslie Stahl; she is who and what she is. My problem is with Cantor's stupidity. Stahl has a long history of hit piece journalism on subjects and people she doesn't like and conversely a long history of "let's set the record straight" interviews with people she does like (see Jeffrey Immelt). But Cantor's bend over backwards demeanor was so infuriating, at one stage his press secretary (in a fit of rage no doubt) interrupted to call BS on Stahl. Somebody needs to tell Republicans that when you go into an interview like this you need to be prepared. Let them ask what they will but get some editorial control up front so your best stuff won't be cut. Go on the offensive, make the damn argument with no apologies or inhibitions. Take the fight to the interviewer and if they want to get it on, BE READY! But for Pete's sake don't just sit there waiting for them to knock one past you because you make their point for them, and the point is you're an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Eric Cantor is obnoxious and an embarassment to everyone.
He is nasty, arrogant and comes across as a aspoiled son of a spoiled which he is.

Maybe the morons in Virginia will wake up and remove him. Fat chance.

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