Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Night's Debate

Newt needed a knockout punch, and he just couldn't get it in.  Mitt stayed close and attacked and counterattacked.  When Newt tried to be grand and curry favor with the panel, Mitt wouldn't let him off the mat.  Anyone looking for fight and spirit out of Romney last night will not have been disappointed.  I was happy to see both Romney and Santorum not pander to the Space Coast, and also to see no one rise to the bait of the "Palestinian Republican". 

Rick Santorum really is the "conservative" option to Romney, but his views on social issues lack broad appeal, dooming his candidacy. 

Mitt's gonna have some 'splainin' to do today with respect to an ad that he has running in FL that was the subject of discussion last night--but which he didn't appear to be aware of (although he "approved this message"). 

Mitt takes FL by 4. 


Anonymous said...

Mitt didn't "pander" to the space coast, not surprising given his appalling lack of vision (who else didn't get "the vision thing", oh, yes, Bush Sr), but he sure did get the checks in the block with the Cuban American and and other major demographic aspects of Florida.

"The Hammer" said...

Mitt could stand a lose in Florida. I'm not saying it would be pleasant but he could potentially weather the storm. Newt could not. This is Petersburg for Newt. Lose in Florida and he is finished.

Sally said...

My biggest concern before Thursday's debate was Mitt was going to turn into the Al Gore of 2000-remember how Gore kept trying new personalities each debate until he found one that worked? But he was perfectly authentic going after Newt.

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