Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Here we go again, folks!  The day when you get to share what's on your mind.  Feeling a little blue about your Vice President's ethnic jokes?  Tired of being made fun of about your moon colony?  Get it off your chests, folks.  Live a little!

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"The Hammer" said...

Gov. Beverly Perdue had an LBJ moment yesterday deciding not to seek reelection in the great state of North Carolina. She won in '08 during the Obama sweep and even then had a tough time with ex-Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory (so much so that half her campaign was indicted for cheating).

The leftist press is attempting to spin this as good news for Obama, after all NC is nearly indispensable for his reelection so much so they're having the convention here. The line is Perdue was a weak candidate and Obama needs a strong one to run with. Well, maybe so but good news? I don't think so.

The question is why is Perdue so unpopular? First and foremost the economy stinks and the Gov. got her share of the blame. Then there is her governing against the tide. Perdue has vetoed more bills coming our of the Republican legislature (elected in '10) than you can shake a stick at. Voter id legislation, repeal of the Racial Justice Act (affirmative action for minority killers), abortion limitations, offshore drilling and entire budgets; altogether 16 pieces of major legislation killed by Perdue and the special interests she represents (she is currently trying to raise the sales tax to appease the teacher's union). These are the very same people and policies Obama represents, so if Perdue is unpopular then so is Obama (jury-rigged polls not withstanding).

Now, considering at this point all the Democrats have available to step in are a bunch of hapless retreads with no organization and no money, and considering Perdue (and Obama) barely won the state in '08, (15k, 4 mil. cast), I'd say the prospects for the Democrats, across the board, are pretty lousy this go 'round.

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