Saturday, January 21, 2012

Palmetto State Despair

I just can't believe that lacing into a debate moderator is a winning strategy for winning a primary. Yet sadly, it's appearing that may be enough for Newt today.

I can't believe people might be duped into voting for Newt Gingrich because they want to see him smack down Obama in debates. Debates will consist of about SIX HOURS of the fall campaign. What about the rest of the time?

I can't believe Newt really thinks Obama will agree to even one Lincoln-Douglas style debate. Why would he? Candidates that are ahead by double digits, which O will be if Newt is the nominee, rarely if ever agree to more debates than necessary. And all that Gingrich pomposity would be tough to take anyway over the course of a few hours.

I can't believe Romney has let things get out of control to the point that a Gingrich South Carolina win is even a possibility.

I can't believe that Newt Gingrich is almost making Ron Paul appear a better choice. Heck, Ron BURGUNDY looks like a better choice.

Despite the gargantuan size of this man's ego, Newt is a small, small man. Did I mention I can't believe this is happening?


Tom de Plume said...

Needs to be a "like" button to push on this one.

"The Hammer" said...

Don't underestimate the burning hatred by middle America for the mass media, especially Southerners. When Newt rakes a John King type over the coals, shows him for the hypocrite he is, well, the emotion, the righteous indignation can be nearly overwhelming. It's an "Onward Christian Soldier" moment! Newt was smart to do that.

Conservatives aren't looking for necessarily the nicest or most competent guy in the room right now. They want a bulldog, a fighter, someone who will take it to the opposition. They've seen Obama/Pelosi/Reed play hardball with nary a thought for tradition or the rules or what's good for the country. Before that they've seen W sit in the Oval Office and not answer his critics, thereby allowing the MSM to control the narrative and lay the groundwork for Obama. At this point Conservatives (SC conservatives anyway) want someone willing to bring an ax handle to the fight, because the opposition just might pull a knife. They want a scrapper, someone who ain't gonna take a lot of shit.

I like Romney well enough. But he can't even answer questions about his business career and taxes adequately. When these questions come up he seems tentative and unsure of himself. What's he going to do in the general when the Dems and the press come at him full bore?

Anonymous said...

In 1980 no one thought an actor could be President, but it was the guy with the vision and the ideas that triumphed and paved the way for a modern conservative movement. Now we have another ideas guy and the establishment types, like my friend Bryan, all want to talk him down in favor of the safe candidate who will appeal to the middle. Like I have said all along, this won't be an election about the middle. This is a no turning back battle about the very existential survival of the idea that is the United States. We need big, bold ideas to counter the big, bold socialist agenda of the other side. Bryan, its time to jump ship and get onboard the Gingrich battleship. There's a big fight brewing, and it would be good to have you on the winning team rather than sitting on the sidelines with ol milk toast up in New Hampshire.

"The Hammer" said...

Oh my! CW just got bitch- slapped!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say it Bryan but The Hammer and Anonymous have displayed a clear view of the political reality while you have displayed a clouded view of what the American people(Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats and Independents)want. Better if you put your ear to what the silent majority has to say and turn a deaf ear to what the MSM tells us the so called mainstream voters want.

Anonymous said...

While I find myself agreeing with certain aspects of each of the Republican candidates positions; intellectual honesty demands that I admit that Ron Paul has most correctly identified what is destroying the America that was once the great land of opportunity. As a citizen who wants his country to succeed I can only hope that whomever becomes the Republican candidate for president will embrace and work to enact the many good ideas posited by all of the primary candidates. As our late great president Ronald Reagan once said, "You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit."

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen - May I remind you all that what this country truly needs is LEADERSHIP - not rhetoric and reconciliation not divisiveness . Newt will give us the latter and Romney the former....

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