Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday Folks--Have You Donated to the Romney Campaign Lately?

Things are looking awfully good for Mr. Romney, folks.  The field will narrow considerably after Mitt puts SC in the win column--then it's on like Donkey Kong through November.  Mr. Obama is amassing a huge campaign war chest--some estimate it will be $1B.  If we want to win the White House, we're gonna have to open our wallets.

Click this link to donate to Romney for  And please check the box indicating that you know your referrer. 

1 comment:

Sally said...

When does he plan on coming out with an explanation and full-throated defense of the Bain years? The ridiculosity of the charges and that video notwithstanding, he needs to get out in front of this or it's going to do some real damage.

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