Friday, January 20, 2012

Democrats Propose "Reasonable Profits Board". This is Not a Joke

Six house Democrats have put forward a bill designed to arbitrate whether or not oil companies make too much money.  No word yet on whether accompanying legislation will cover trial lawyers and Hollywood.


Mudge said...

And this is precisely what it is at stake in this (and every) election: Do we proceed farther down the road where the collective determines what is "reasonable" (and hence "allowed") for the individual?
- Reasonable number of guns to own?
- Reasonable amount of wages to earn?
- Reasonable amount of fuel to use?
- Reasonable size of property to own?
- Reasonable number of children to have?
- Reasonable amount of time to worship?
- etc etc.

The very concept that there are people who possess this vast wisdom such that they and only they should be trusted with our lives is as un-American a concept as I can imagine. Yet we have an ever-increasing segment of our society who not only seems willing to accept it but many actually seem to be striving to obtain it.

It's like this Consumer Protection Bureau or whatever the hell it's called. Look, I am a free man living in a free country with other free men and women. I do not need a Consumer Protection Bureau to tell me whether I can or cannot or should or should not enter into a business agreement with another citizen any more than I need a government bureau to tell me whether I should eat meat or vegetables for dinner tonight. Yet so many people seem to think this is somehow necessary. Even if they themselves don't feel the need for such assistance, they are convinced that there are these masses of people who are incapable of making their own decisions and dealing with the consequences of their decisions. This is the most heinous of "-isms" -- to assume that without the help of society, individual free men and women are incapable of surviving in a free society. And this mindset is owned uniquely and entirely by the liberals. It is why the liberal mindset should be ridiculed and pilloried at every opportunity.

Reasonable Profits Board. Kiss my unreasonably large ass.

"The Hammer" said...

Well said my corpulent compadre.

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