Friday, January 20, 2012

Grandiosity, Thy Name is Newt

A hilarious press release from the Romney campaign, following Newt's declarations of his grandioseness last evening:

A Selection Of Speaker Gingrich’s Thoughts Over The Years

Gingrich On Gingrich:

· “I Think I Am A Transformational Figure.” (, 12/2/11)
· “I Am Essentially A Revolutionary.” (Adam Clymer, “House Revolutionary,” The New York Times, 8/23/92)
· “I Have An Enormous Personal Ambition. I Want To Shift The Entire Planet. And I’m Doing It. … I Represent Real Power.” ( The Washington Post, 1/3/85)
· “I First Talked About Saving Civilization In August Of 1958.” (GQ, 8/05)
· “I Am The Longest Serving Teacher In The Senior Military, 23 Years Teaching One And Two-Star Generals And Admirals The Art Of War.” (GOP Presidential Candidates Debate, 12/15/11)

Speaker Gingrich Has Compared Himself To A Litany Of Historical Leaders:

Ronald Reagan And Margaret Thatcher: “Gingrich said he learned a lot about himself in the political wilderness. … In the same breath, he compares himself to two conservative giants. With Gingrich, humility has its limits. ‘Because I am much like Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, I’m such an unconventional political figure that you really need to design a unique campaign that fits the way I operate and what I’m trying to do.’” (, 11/16/11)

Woodrow Wilson: “He earned a PhD in history and taught college before winning a seat in Congress. He has often spoken of himself as a historian. In 1995, he told CNN’s Bob Franken: ‘I am the most seriously professorial politician since Woodrow Wilson.’” ( The Washington Post, 11/22/11)

Henry Clay: Gingrich said that like Clay, he did more than just preside over the House. ‘I was not a presider, I was the leader,’ Gingrich said in the interview. ‘I think Henry Clay’s probably the only other speaker to have been a national leader and a speaker of the House simultaneously.’” (USA Today, 8/30/99)

Pericles: “In a long interview on May 4, 1992, devoted almost exclusively to the topic of Gingrich, former White House aide Richard Darman concluded that Gingrich was ‘an unstable personality’ who talks about four or five great people in history, including Pericles and himself.” (Bob Woodward, The Washington Post, 12/24/11)

The Duke Of Wellington: “Obsessed recently with Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, Gingrich likened the appropriations triumph to the way the British expeditionary force maneuvered against the French during the Peninsular War, a campaign in Portugal and Spain in the early 1800s that eventually led to Wellington’s ascendance and Napoleon’s abdication.” (The Washington Post, 8/13/95)

A Viking: “With his machine-gun staccato delivery, Gingrich is the center of attention. He terms himself a ‘Viking.’” (South Bend Tribune, 7/28/95)


Mudge said...

There is so much to like about Mr. Gingrich. If only he didn't go out of his way to provide an equal helping of things not to like.

"The Hammer" said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Bill Clinton ever compared himself to Harry Reems?

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