Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Governor Romney's Tax Returns

Well, it looks like things are beginning to squirt out about Governor Romney's taxes, and I think Fox News gets it right when they dclare "He's Rich, He Donates, He Pays Taxes".  As I read over press reports this morning, I am waiting for the "bomb" to drop--you know, the one that would have made him reticent to release this information before today.  I simply don't see any of it at this point. 

I was down hard last night (flu symptoms combatted by two hits of Nyquil and 12 hours of sleep), so I didn't see the debate.  My reading of things this morning is that he handled this issue well, and that he had a good debate in general.

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Sally said...

He did quite well. Even segued nicely with an 'enough of my taxes, let's talk about the too-high taxes of the American people.' This really was a colossal unforced error, and he's not out of the woods yet, but he acquitted himself quite well last night (I thought).

Hope you're feeling better. Nyquil=the greatest invention in the history of the world.

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