Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 Racist Teachers Suspended by Homophobic School Board in Politically Correct LA

SOMETIMES it just gets so enjoyable to watch the politically correct get themselves wrapped around the axle.

A story in the LA Times reports that three elementary school teachers during a recent Black History Month parade (really?) at a predominantly Latino school used poor judgement in their selection of posters they would carry.

Some background: There was an approved list from which to choose the poster each teacher would carry during this parade (have I said "really?" yet? I mean, are kids doing that well in school that they have time to go outside for racially-motivated parades?). Apparently, the official who approved the list, didn't actually read it because one of the honorees on the approved list was a gentleman by the name of Orenthal James Simpson. It is obvious why this Heisman-winning USC star, NFL star, movie star, technicien de couteau, Italian shoe model, Isotoner model, sort of black guy made the cut (poor choice of words...made the list).

So one of the three soon-to-be-suspended teachers decided, "well, okay, if you say so" and chose OJ for his poster. Two of his buddies, clearly miffed that their friend had taken the one they wanted, decided to go off list but stay on message and chose NBA basketball star and TSA metal detector tester, sort of black guy Dennis Rodman. The third, not to be outdone, chose Fashion Model/Music Recording Artist/TV-Movie Celeb, sort of black...sort of guy, Rupaul.

Well, this apparently did NOT sit well with any number of local racially exclusive organizations in the LA vicinity and there were calls for these educators to be suspended. Since one chose a person from the list, and the other two chose others who, although not on the list, were at least not incarcerated, I have to believe that the only reason these organizations were so upset is because of the questionable sexual orientations of the two that the teachers who went off-list chose. If this is the case, I implore my many, many close friends in Hollywood to rise up in vocal opposition to this homophobic assault on our society. No less than the morals of our children are at stake.

Speaking of which...when will the school be holding the Gay American History Month Parade?

Maybe then I will, for the first time, be proud of my country.


"The Hammer" said...

See that's why I ain't never been to Mardi Gras. Get a couple of beers in you and Ru Paul is gonna get the hard inside low and away. Hey I'm just saying if you didn't know, it could be a very traumatizing experience.

Smoothfur said...

When in doubt, during dealings with the ilk of Ru Paul firmly clasp your hands behind your neck, close your eyes tightly and have the good grace not to interrupt until the deed is done. To do otherwise could be construed as discrimination and could incur the wrath of Eugene Robinson.

cingre said...

The best thing about this post? Reading it and trying to guess if GG or Mudge wrote it.

"The Hammer" said...

Anonymous said...


You've posted this a couple of times and I'm a little slow, what does that mean exactly.

Doc Milnamo said...

Cat fight!

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