Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Time a Nose Touches a Straw in Hollywood, a Polar Bear Drowns

I love cause and effect stories like this one. Heard it on BBC on my way home from DC last night. The Colombian government, faced with shrinking US demand for cocaine (despite Hollywood's best efforts to keep us out in front) but increased EU demand has attempted to stem that demand by pointing out the relationship of cocaine to tropical rain forest devastation. Their assertion is that for every gram of cocaine that makes it past one of Amy Winehouse's nose rings, 4 acres of tropical rainforest had to die. And we all know that when rainforests die...anyone?...anyone?...that's right, the earth warms and the ice caps melt and Al Gore gets another award. And polar bears get cut adrift. The fact that the Government of Colombia has figured out that there is a direct connection between those who attend the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming and those who use cocaine, for some reason, made me chuckle. Wonder how many of them vote Republican.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Absolute classic Mudge

"The Hammer" said...

Reminds me of the Coulter line, why not go to war for oil? How does the Hollywood elite think their cocaine is delivered?

Doc Milnamo said...

Mudge, pure genius working "It's a Wonderful Life" - one of CW's favorite movies (and mine) - into the title.

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