Thursday, March 18, 2010

US/Israel Relationship Questions

Fascinating discussion on the radio program last night about our relationship with Israel, one that had me pitted against two callers, Mark and Big Fred. Both of them seemed to think that we were getting very little for our investment (financially, politically). I am a pretty solid pro-Israel guy, though their conduct of late has been questionable.

What do you think? Should we distance ourselves from Israel? Should we appear more of an "honest broker" by finding ways to demonstrate that distance? Is a strategic relationship with Israel in our national interest?


Anonymous said...

Israel OK's housing in the West Bank knowing the US will be against it and then they'll drop it...for a price. It's time to cut them loose and let them stir up their own trouble and deal with ways out of it.

Mudge said...

There's no "should we" to it. This Administration absolutely HAS distanced itself which just might explain why Israel has taken the actions it has. Why try to placate an "ally" who has made it clear it has no interest in helping you preserve your interests? Israel has never marched to our drummer, but right now they are acting like a small nation surrounded by mortal enemies who can no longer count on their long-time protector.

BigFred said...

I invite your attention to the following from the Census Bureau:

If you look at Israel, and Egypt as a percentage of the total, you get what I was driving at. Throw out Iraq, and the numbers get even worse.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

C'mon Fred--I believe you said Israel and Egypt together made up two thirds of our foreign aid. From what I see, they make up about 11%. That's quite a difference.

Anonymous said...

Is that with or without Iraq? And in full disclosure, I first learned that in 2003, so it has been a while.

BigFred said...

Sorry that last anon comment was me.

I'm not so sure of the source, but the 1/3 does match up to my memory.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Total: $42B
Israel: $2.5B
Egypt: $1.9B

From the table you cited.

BigFred said...

I stand corrected.

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