Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

All Time High (April 1 2009): 192.2
Diet start (June 1): 189
Last Friday: 174.2 (2/26/10)
Today: 182
Goal: Sub 170

That's right. I've gained nearly eight pounds in a month, and here's why:

1. I'm an execrable person.
2. I have been eating like a pig, not watching either what I eat or how much of it I eat.
3. I have not been exercising nearly as often.

I think all things considered, my body wants to be over 190 pounds. This is not a good thing, as many of you have probably noticed that I am somewhat vertically challenged. So here's what I'm going to do about it:

1. I'm going to exercise more. If it means sacrificing some of my morning blog time, so be it. If it means doing so out in the mancave after dinner, or even late into the evening, so be it.
2. I must return to the discipline of weighing myself OFTEN
3. I must return to the discipline of thinking about what I eat before I eat it.

Ok--enough of that--this is about YOU. This is YOUR DAY. This is the Big Fat Friday Free For ALL! What's on your mind--besides our slide into serfdom? Centralized healthcare? Centralized pensions? Centralized student loans? Are there things you wish to get off your chest? Then DO SO--because this is YOUR FORUM!


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Just wanted all of you to know that the "Fish" has been getting a LOT of compliments!

Tom de Plume said...

It's funny listening to the leftists whining about threats of violence in the wake of the healthcare vote. Hell, they're the party that has bestowed sainthood on Mao, Malcolm, and Che.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nicely put, Tom

Anonymous said...

Though you have suffered a minor setback in your health care goals, the Big Fat Friday weigh-in motivated a few of us to work on our own adipos issues.

Goldwater's Ghost said...

I'm going to exercise more. If it means sacrificing some of my morning blog time, so be it.

She's a cruel mistress, isn't she?

Dan said...

You get on the treadmill or eliptical, you shut-off the TV and computer, and just work-out both body and mind.

You might find that you will turn-over blog-worthy topics in your mind while you are exercising.

Call it the "Blog Jog." Kind of a "thoughts while running/ exercising" blog post.

Recommend you have a small voice recording device so you can capture your thoughts for later recall.

You get your exercise in, and can still derive some blog input.

Or, you can surf the internet, eat doughnuts, and blog away. Speaking of which, where did Hammer go?

Bill said...

I feel your pain on the weight issue. In fact, your willingness to post your journey here was part of my current motivation to lose the weight I had lost before. As an aside, I think it was hiding under my bed and jumped in one night when I was really too tired to kick it back out.

I looked at the Livestrong site and use that to estimate the daily intake, and it has made me more aware of portions.

Giving up alcohol for Lent has not hurt either.

I am sure that I could find someone to blame for my weight gain but that's not in my make up.

Just remember very few weight loss regiments work in a straight line. There will be some gains and plateaus along the way.

Bob said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this: , especially after your spirited defense of Liz Cheney (et al) and their loathsome attack on DOJ a few weeks ago.

Also, I'm interested on your (conservative) defense of the previous government handouts to the student loan industry.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hi Bob, welcome.

On point one, what's your point? I don't think I ever said that no terrorists should be charged in federal courts.

Point two: I had a problem with the previous student loan program and that was that it made college money too widely available and therein raised tuition for people who SHOULD be in college rather than those who are there because that's what people do.

But--if our society has determined that it is a public good that more people should go to college---and the federal government wanted to participate in that somehow, I am far more in favor of the government guaranteeing loans made by private lenders than the government doing it directly (as they will now). Under the previous regime, people got loans, the banking industry made money, and taxpayers "exposure" was minimized (as in, fewer of my tax dollars were wasted on bogus tuition for kids who should be digging ditches). Good, good, good. Now--the government will "loan the money"--and let's not forget, they aren't loaning "government money" they are loaning "taxpayer" and "Chinese" money. So of course I prefer the system which has now been replaced.

Anonymous said...

You guys obsess about your weight more than a bunch of old maids.
Most of you are fat bastards, or soon will be, so get over it and have a beer.

..... said...

I hearby challenge CW to put a contract on himself. Four simple steps: 1) Set a Goal 2) Set the Stakes 3) Get a Referee and 4) Friends for Support.

He's been doing 3 of the 4 for some time now, but I think he (like most of us mere mortals) lacks a true impetus. Sure general health and well-being should be motivation enough, but it doesn't have the teeth necessary. I suggest he needs the threat of a consequence, the thought of which is so unpalatable, that he is compelled not to lose. So for the stakes, I'm thinking something like
- wear a Barack Obama t-shirt(supportive) all day every weekend for X months (photos posted on the blog from various spots around the ES)
- donate $X00 to Senator Mikulski's campaign coffers (photo of check on CW)
- Donation of his Keurig and/or Kindle to charity.
- Hope and Change bumpersticker or license plate frame on his new toy

You get the picture. Of course, I would hate to see him have to pay such penalty, but I think it would be a fun way to spur our gracious host to success.


Fatboyslim said...

Bobby T (if I may address you as such), that is an excellent suggestion.

How about it CW, up for the challenge?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Absolutely not.

Slimfish Fat said...

Won't you need a chubbier fish on your logo then?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

More for Bob--here's my link response:

More for Anonymous (complaining about us talking about weight: Hammer--you can't hide.

Ted Trowdontodey said...

How about a blowfish?

Richard Moby said...

Drop the oo, add an l and an e. The Conservative Whale

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