Monday, March 15, 2010

Conservative Wahoo March Madness

Hey everyone--I've set up a little CW zone at the--where we can make our picks and track our successes.

Here is the site: CBS March Mayhem

The password to use is: cwrocks

May the best man/woman win!

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"The Hammer" said...

This is probably the toughest year I've ever seen for the old office pool. There are no truly outstanding teams and that includes KU, Kentucky and Syracusa. This might be a good year for a dark horse like an Ok St or Gonzaga.
That reminds me of the greatest upset in the history of sport apart from USA/Red Army 1980. That of course is the Cardiac Pack v. Houston in 1983. Gentlemen Houston was loaded. Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Michael Young; Houston had no weaknesses. In the semi-final game the Cougars in a five minute stretch ran Louisville off the court in a fast break, slam dunk bloodbath which left the likes of Milt Wagner and the McCray brothers dazed and confused.
In the final there were two dunks; one to start the game one to end the game...both by the Wolfpack. No Gentlemen, we didn't have Ralph Sampson or Michael Jordan. We didn't have McDonald's All-Americans and blue-chippers top to bottom. No what we had was guts and perseverance and a belief that if you did your job and you followed your training and you gave it your all everything would be ok.
Consider yourself lucky. Rarely in the annals of sport does an event like this occur.

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