Saturday, March 13, 2010

Female Teacher/Male Student

Another one of these cases pops up, and the media is of course, very interested. I sometimes feel that there's a bit of an overdone reaction to this kind of thing, that if we're not tough on female teachers with male students, somehow that means society is giving a pass to the opposite case. So we stand back in horror and tut-tut.

I wonder if there are any respected, peer reviewed studies of the impact on this kind of a sexual relationship on the young men involved. Anyone care to do a little Googlesearch on this one?


"The Hammer" said...

They always go on and on about priests molesting children but odds are if a kid is molested it was a teacher who did it.

Doc Milnamo said...

She's kind of cute!

Stuart Dent said...

Nothing like boning up on your studies.

Smoothfur said...

While attending Saint Rose Catholic School, the Sisters of Providence nuns and the parish priests only practiced physical abuse and the same held true later on in public school. And God forbid, the female teachers all looked like Ms. Grundy, so any sexual abuse would have been considered cruel and unusual punishment.

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