Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey--there's an NCAA Basketball tournament going on folks....get in the pool!

Here is the site: CBS March Mayhem

The password to use is: cwrocks

I know, I know--lots of Cato Institute privacy "activists" don't want to "sign up" blah, blah, blah--government tracking---blah blah blah----just GET IN THE POOL!!!!


"The Hammer" said...

So I take it we won't be able to view everyone's picks until everyone is in?

Ray Lidjus-Wright said...

Gambling pools are Satan's playgrounds. I shall not partake in your lurid activity.

Yuri Naishen said...

I'll get in if Hammer promises not to pee in the pool.

Sally said...

I'm confused. I know you gave us the password, but what's the group ID?

Sally said...

Never mind, I just figured out I needed to register. Geez, do you think you could create a little less work for us to join your silly pool?

"The Hammer" said...

Pee in the pool? I though you'd be into that kind of thing.

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