Tuesday, March 9, 2010

US Less Respected in the World

Ten point drop in how Americans see their country respected world-wide in the 13 months since The One assumed earthly form.


"The Hammer" said...

Hey, I hate to keep harping but read Machiavelli. It's better to be feared than loved and almost impossible to be both.
If there's one thing that should be crystal clear to just anybody of any political persuasion, it's this. Obama is out of his depth. He had no qualifications going in and it's painfully apparent he is not suited for this position. He's a civil rights lawyer (activist) who didn't spend enough time in the Senate to learn everybody's names and even his supporters must be horrified at his performance.

Raye Jean Looney said...

Yes, but how much worse would it be if Barak wasn't in the White House saving us from ourselves and transforming our image as a nation of people with ways of life worth fighting for? Bush destroyed the entire planet, even the solar system (didn't Pluto decide to leave during his term?) and don't get me started on how caused 911 to raise oil prices.

Smoothfur said...

No pun intended, but Hammer hit the nail on the head. The United States has never been loved or respected, but countries and people did fear the consequences of crossing us.

Over the past 50 years I have personally witnessed anti American demonstrations in all cornors of the globe. Were they demonstrating out of respect? I think not, but they feared us enough to keep their anti Americanism within bounds. This is no longer true.

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