Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goldberg Skewers Brooks

Great Corner post here by Jonah Goldberg. Again, I think both Goldberg and Brooks are superb thinkers, though Goldberg taps into one of the serious lines of doubt I have about Brooks' judgment. Key line: "Brooks is turning out to be like Big Bird to Obama's Snuffaluffagus! He's the only one who can see the real Obama and nobody believes him."

HT Instapundit


"The Hammer" said...

Come on man. Brooks is a Brooks Brothers wearing punk! And he buys those buttondowns off the shelf at JC Penney.

"The Hammer" said...
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The Conservative Wahoo said...

But Hammer--I'm a Brooks Brothers wearing punk.

"The Hammer" said...

Not me, best I can do is Jos. A Bank on sale. I swear to the almighty I have a pair of Johnston & Murphy Sunday go-to-meeting shoes I bought in 1978 that I STILL wear for weddings, funerals, Klan meetings etc., where ever I have to look my best. I only wear 'em once a year so hell, they're just broken in good.

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