Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big Dance

Well, we're down to the Sweet 16, and it is obvious that I know nothing about college basketball. It is also obvious that the ACC really sucks this year, as we've got one team left (Duke)--though that team does have the stuff to take it all. Have I told you lately how much I hate Duke?

Group Standings
RankTeam NameScoreCorrectBest ScoreBest CorrectChampion
1Kevin Cohen42338241Villanova (176)
2Jim McGrath40329640Kansas (113)
3Sean McGrath393015943Ohio St. (144)
4Ken Adams383010240Kansas (102)
5Cindy Maladra37309339Kansas (160)
6Bryan McGrath36297234Kansas (158)
7Ben Fox352611534Kentucky (134)
8Patrick McGrath34277833Kansas (145)
9Greg Dail332712936Kentucky (163)
10Caroline Ervin32258433Kansas (183)


Beyond Bibb's Store said...


This is much more fun than picking basketball teams. Stake out your favorite before anyone else nabs him/her! Make sure to read through the comments to see who's already taken.

SamShapiro said...

Sitting pretty at #3 with some huge best point numbers!

CCE said...

Pitiful. I might have done better had my dog made the picks.

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