Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Jewish Economists!

Sorta funny, no?  HT--Greg Mankiw


Tom de Plume said...

At the end of the song one has the option of reviewing other youtube posts including lessons in economics hosted by the girl in the piece. I'm glad my econ profs were old guys, it's hard to focus on supply and demand curves when she gives the lesson.

"The Hammer" said...

I take exception to Krugman being included on the list. I know it's just a bit of fun but come on.
However, the Grand Exalted Poobah of modern economic thinkers is mentioned early on, Milton Friedman (or, as my college professors used to derisively call him "Uncle Miltie").
Friedman was a good, honorable and decent human being who happened to possess the most brilliant analytical mind. More than once I've seen him in the nicest, most friendly way possible, tear an opponent to ribbons. He was a maestro of Socratic dialogue. He would bring you to the undeniable truth with no where to go.
There was not a political bone in his body but he knew political freedom and economic freedom are one and the same. He was an intellectual/academic but could write NY Times bestsellers explaining the practicality of his economic theory in terms that even dolts like me could understand. They should rename the University of Chicago after the man. He should have a statue on the National Mall. He was a great man.

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