Monday, December 27, 2010

Pro Football Game Postponed By Snow?

Last night's Philly/Minnesota game was postponed until Tuesday night because of an expected foot of snow. This is of course, ridiculous on its face.  Watching the almost coverage on NBC last night, Bob Costas reminded us that this was "out of concern for the safety of the fans" who might be trying to get to the game.  Pshaw.  The big former receiver from the Bengals (whose name escapes me) got it right when he asked aloud "is this the new standard"?  I hope not.

UPDATE:  Chris Colinsworth


Sally said...

This is so weak. Are these men???

"The Hammer" said...

Chris Collingsworth?

Doc Milnamo said...

It's pandemic. We've turned into a nation of wimps with many nannies "watching out for us".

"The Hammer" said...

All the veterans of the "Ice Bowl" are disgusted. Don Meridith, Ray Nitschke, Dan Lilly, Jerry Kramer, oh shit I gotta see how many I can name now.
Here we go. First the Packers.
Forrest Gregg
Jerry Kramer
Fuzzy Thurston
Jim Taylor
Travis Williams
Donnie Anderson
Carroll Dale
Max McGee
Bart Starr
Ray Nitschke
LeRoy McCaffery
Willie Wood
(Oh hell, auld-timers is setting in)
Now the Cowboys:
Don Meridith
Lance "No Pants" Rentzel
Dan Reeves
Jethro Pugh
Dan Lilly
LeRoy Jordan
Walt Garrison
Bob Hayes
Mike Ditka (was he on that team?)
Chuck Howley
Mel Renfro

Well that's the best I can do working off memory. I'll have to check 'em but not bad if I do say so meself.

Doc Milnamo said...

Hammer, when you mention the name of Lance "No Pants" Rentzel it reminds me of another name:

Joey "Be a Perfect Sleeper" Heatherton - aghhhh.

"The Hammer" said...

That's right Doc, she was married to Rentzel, I forgot about that. Man that was one smoking hot babelicious.
She did all the Bob Hope USO Christmas Specials in 'Nam (check 'em out on YouTube).

Tom de Plume said...

What do we expect? Grown men wear jerseys with other men's names on the back. The NFL makes an effort to market to women. It ain't the NFL of the old days.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed the Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendel noted that we are becoming "wussies" (Whose party is responsible for the wussification of America guv?)and that the Chinese would not have cancelled the game, they would have walked there and done calculus at the same time( a similar racist comment by a Republican would have been blasted over at MSNBC).

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