Friday, December 31, 2010

CW: 2011 Predictions

I did not do very well with my 2010 predictions, only one of which came to pass:

7. Tiger Woods will play in at least one major championship this year.

For this year, I offer the following mixed bag.  GG has of course, set the gold standard of prediction.

1.  Tiger Woods will win a major championship this year.
2.  The Dow will be above 12,500 at year's end.
3.  Unemployment WILL be under 9%
4.  The Patriots will win the Super Bowl
5.  The Phillies will win the World Series
6.  China and Japan will experience a flashpoint over the disputed Senkaku Islands in which shots will be fired.
7.  My renovation will come in on budget, but six weeks late.
8.  The US and Venezuela will be brought to the brink of war over Venezuelan plans to station ballistic missiles capable of ranging the Southern US.  There will be no war, and no missiles.
9.  I will be less than 180 lbs on New Year's Eve 2011.
10.  President Obama will have a good year--the economy will be in full recovery, cooperation with Republicans in Congress will redound to his benefit, he will be in a commanding position for the 2012 election at year's end.

Happy New Year, all!


"The Hammer" said...
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"The Hammer" said...
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NavyAustin said...

I'm with you on the sub-180. Interval training (spinning, sprints), weights, and low-carb does it for me. Getting my "less of me 2011" graph ready. A bit afraid to see where the starting point is going to be - but what I put in my mouth and what I do with my body are about the ONLY things in my life that I can excercise complete control of.

Good luck!

Winglau said...

And for all who predicted that sometime during 2010 this blog would have jumped the shark...

"The Hammer" said...

Great! I get my predictions for the New Year deleted....after they made it through the CW Ministerium für Staatssicherheit sensors.
Let me guess...too racist, too sexist, too sexually explicit, too profane.
Well it's your blog but Gosh Darn-it all to Heck and Sakes Alive CW. You're being a bit harsh.

"The Hammer" said...

Did I say sensor? Jeez, too early. Censor.

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