Sunday, December 19, 2010

VA Governor "Punishes" VCU

Generally quiet since his election in 2009, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell came out this week with guns blazing in the battle to address rising college tuition--rates that almost always outstrip the limited inflation rates this country has seen for years.

Apparently, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) raised tuition on in-state students 24% this year--something the Governor questioned from his position in Richmond, surrounded as he is by VCU's aggressive building campaign.  So--the Gov  decided to hold back state money equal to half the value of the tuition increase, to send a message to state universities about keeping tuition down.

Nicely done, Governor.  Nicely done.

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"The Hammer" said...

Big education is a constituent of Democratic Party, that's why it is not uncommon for tenured professors to make well in excess of 200k a year. Of course they do teach a class or two every now and again.

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