Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Sports Roundup

Just for you, Hammer.

I saw that Sally's got a paean to Michael Vick up earlier in the week--no doubt he's playing phenomenally.  I see an Atlanta/Philly NFC Championship game in the offing---while the AFC looks to be the Pats vs ????

And it is nearly 1 January, at which point it is acceptable to begin paying attention to college hoops!

Finally, I will once again bring up my distaste for the bowl season.  Once upon a time, I could lie on my couch all day long on 1 January and feast on the best of college football while the hangover worked its magic.  Not anymore--the big game doesn't even happen until 10 January.  Yawn.  That's hoops time.


"The Hammer" said...

I was in my local sports establishment Saturday, partaking in a libation or two whereupon I witnessed Carolina lose a squeeker to the Texas Longhorns, coached by Hickory, NC native Rick Barnes.
I like Barnes. He's a winner not a whiner and he hates UNC with a passion. He almost kicked Dean Smith's ass one time and that dear friends is why he should be coaching at NC State.
I've got nothing against Sidney Lowe other than the fact he apparently is incapable of returning our program to national prominence and looses to Carolina each and every time he plays them. Of course these are the very reasons he is so beloved by the local sports establishment (N&O, WRAL etc.)
Let me just this to Coach Lowe: Coach we love ya, you're a State guy and you'll always have a home here, but you ain't much of a coach, at least at this level. If you love us leave us, for the sake of the program, move on.

glittio said...

Since when did you become Hammer's bitch?

Doc Milnamo said...

Filufya Iggles. 'Nuf said!

"The Hammer" said...

CW ain't nobody's bitch spunkphiliac! He's just, well UVA-ized. If there's any bitches in the room I would point to no account anonymous wank stains like yourself.

BigFred said...

Mike Vick is an alien from planet Modor13. I have played football outside in Minnesota this time of year, and it sucks.

glittio said...

Calm down Hammer, you don't need me making you look like a jackass...again.

Rodney King said...

Hey c'mon boys. Can't we all just get along?

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