Monday, December 27, 2010

The Triumph of Hope Over Experience....

Hef to wed again


Nada Hefphan said...

If he really wanted to make BIG news, he'd have married an older, attractive but somewhat matronly woman with intellect, personality, an inability to say "like" after every third word, all God-given parts and talents in parts of the house outside the bedroom.

This "news" will, like the duration of his coming marriage, be a flash in the pan.

Some see Hef's "conquests" as admirable, but I think there's something very "ewww" about having sex with someone who is old enough to be your great granddaughter.

Sally said...

Hey, I started writing about the same thing yesterday! My question is, while I can certainly guess her motivation, what in the world is his?

"The Hammer" said...

Age is only a number, in Hefner's case so large as to be written in scientific notation.
When I was a young idiot (as opposed to an old idiot) I thought Hef was cool. All the babes, all the parties, the jet, the mansion, hanging around with James Caan and Steely Dan; he was the man. Now he's just a pathetic old lecherous bastard and a laughing stock. He should have OD'd thirty years ago.

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