Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Spammer

Well, I took down the comment moderation for a bit, then the basement dwelling, child-molesting, tinfoil hat wearing, Nostradamus butt sniffing Dennis Markuze (pictured below) a.k.a David Mabus a.k.a. DM a.k.a. Anonymous struck again with another post that I've left up under the comments on the Tom Friedman post.
My douchebag spammer, Dennis Markuze

Monsieur Markuze (he's from  Canada) is about as famous as a derelict of this kind can be on the interwebs for he bothers lots of other respectable blog operators with the same cut and paste ridiculosity he spews here, though he generally tends to concentrate on atheist and science blogs, so Lord knows why he's here.    For some other bloggers stories of their time with this obviously insane man, check here, and here here, and here (read the comments of this one for a pretty interesting rundown of the photo).    Apparently, death threats are imminent.


"The Hammer" said...

He looks like he hangs around I-95 rest-stops.

"The Yammer" said...

Wow, I didn't think it was possible - someone more annoying than "The Hammer". And on the same blog no less...

"The Hammer" said...

Yammer you're a very close second. I will give you credit however, this poor bastard is quite possibly mentally ill, you're just an asshole. And a no talent no nothing asshole at that.

But keep it up, I'm starting to get a read on you. I think I just may know who you are.

"The Spammer" said...

No you don't. "The Yammer" is not me.

Unknown said...

Hi, Conservative Wahoo!

The idiot in question has cropped up on a number of atheist blogs; for a moment I was concerned he might inflict his presence on the transgender blogosphere, as well. (So far, no reports...)

I don't know if every blog has this, but mine has a "spam" section for comments. DM's comments make into there automagically, and I'm a happy camper because I don't have to spend any time deleting his inanity. I use "Blogger in Draft" as my default editor, but I don't know if that's a requirement for the comment spam thing or not?

Apparently he is known to his local PD. And yeah, PZ Myer's little piece about him is priceless! (I've bought drinks for worse, so, yeah, I'd buy him a drink, too.)

Sorry to hear/read he found your blog.

Carolyn Ann

Pete O'Phile said...

I see a meeting with Chris Hansen very soon in this man's future.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Thank you CA.

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